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Dalhoff Travel is responsible for the reservation and booking of your travel tickets and tours. The tour operator or airlines is responsible for the proper execution of your trip.


Dalhoff Travel’s services consist of the planning and organization of your trip based on the available tickets provided by airlines and tour operators gathered from the Global Distribution System, among others. Dalhoff Travel works independently from these travel carriers and should be considered as a supplement to their services and performance. Therefore, Dalhoff Travel cannot be held responsible for any errors or issues on the part of the travel carrier, which includes missing or defective execution of the service.

The travel carrier is responsible for any of the below mentioned incidences, consequently, in the unlikely event that you have any of these issues please contact the travel carrier directly. It should be noted that airlines often have mutual agreements where they will perform flights for one another. For the ease of the traveller, any issues can be brought to the airlines written on the ticket or to the airlines that carried out the trip.

The travel carriers are held liable within the terms laid out in the Warsaw and Montreal Convention and Regulation 889/2002.

  • In case of cancellation or delays contact the responsible travel carrier that is noted on your travel document or the carrier that is responsible for the cancelled or delayed portion of your trip.
  • If an airlines claims bankruptcy you should contact the airline representatives for information on continuing your travels, refunds, or about other airlines that will carry on your trip.
  • In case of delay, loss, or damage to persons or belongings, all complaints should be directed as soon as possible to the travel carrier listed in your travel documents. Be sure to check your luggage for any damages or defects before leaving the airport.

The limitations on the maximum compensation for the above mentioned incidences are set by the Warsaw and Montreal Convention and Regulation 889/2002.

Passenger death or injury: 113,100 SDR, if the carrier can prove that it was not due to negligent or incorrect behavior, or if the incident was caused by a third party’s negligence or other wrongful behavior. Unlimited if this cannot be proved.

Damages caused by delays to passengers: 4.694 SDR

Damages, loss, or delay of baggage: 1,131 SDRs

SDR exchange rate is always available on xe.com


Dalhoff Travel would like to remind all customers that special rules and consequences for purchasing sequential tickets apply, which we should inform you of before your purchase. These rules can also be available on the invoice, order confirmation and itinerary. These rules imply that the distribution of responsibilities leaves each travel carrier independent of one another. Other travel carries included in the sequential trip cannot be held liable for the delays or cancellation of the operating carrier’s service, nor is Dalhoff Travel held responsible for such instances.

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