Visa & insurances

Contact Dalhoff Travel if you are unsure about any visa or vaccination requirements needed for your destination. It would be our pleasure to guide you to the right information.


Many countries require a transit visa, even for stop-overs, and a passport that is valid for six more months. It is each traveller’s responsibility to ensure that these visa and passport requirements are met.

To read more on visa requirements, check with the destinations embassy in your country.

Travel insurance

In case of illness or other unforeseen circumstances, remember to have valid travel insurance when traveling abroad. This is often included in many different insurances og credit card memberships.


The appropriate vaccinations should be acquired prior to any trip. Inquire far in advance about any recommended vaccinations as some need to be administered up to 8 weeks before a departure.

You can read more about vaccinations here.

Names of passengers

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that upon booking all names given correspond to those written in each traveller’s passport. Each traveller is responsible for carrying a valid passport, in compliance with any applicable rules and that all travel documents bear names as written in their passport.


Check-in may be refused if there are any discrepancies between names given in a passport and any other travel documents. Additional fees apply when changing names on any confirmed travel documents. Contact Dalhoff Travel immediately in case of any amendments for travel documents. Remember to carry your passport for all trips, including those within Scandinavia.

Aviation Links

Below you will find a series of useful links, to help when planning your journey

Flight Information

Vigtig Information

Luftfarts Alliancer

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